Come to Jesus moment:  theunfetteredpreacher 

Your come to Jesus moment.  

Was it a time of trouble and strife?  Fear and or depression?   Loneliness, financial need, a broken heart,  the loss of a loved one?

For me, it was loneliness, I didn’t really feel a part of anything or anyone.  I needed comfort, I was brokenhearted. 

I needed love, not human love,  the true love of God.  Agape, love.   

How about you?

In my study this am, (I am doing a harmony of the Gospels, comparing  the points of view of Mark, Matthew and Luke of the Ministry of Jesus, using  Mark as my starting point).

It is interesting to see which details each include, and how they differ.  

Silly, I  know, but I really never understood  they were describing the same instances, from different points of view. 

Take in point, the calling of Peter, James and John.  In Matthew and Mark they are fishing and leave their nets. 

In Luke, we find they were mending their nets, when Jesus borrowed Simon’s boat to use as a platform to teach the crowd.

He spoke of the Kingdom, then, had them fish a certain side of the boat.   They had to call James and John to help land their biggest  catch ever.

At this point, they left all behind to follow Jesus.

In John, Andrew (a follower of John the Baptist),  is the first to discover Jesus and he brings Peter to the Lord.

The account in John, seems out of sync,  but  it was probably their introduction to Jesus,  and the miracle of the catch, that caught them.

It is a truth.  

The day you decide to follow Jesus.  Is the most successful day, you will ever experience.   Spiritually, Physically, Physiologically or Financially. 

We become blameless, forgiven, by the covering of His blood.

By His stripes we are/were healed.  (Both Spiritually and Physically).

He is our Shepherd,  we shall not want, my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory.  (SPIRITUAL, PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL,  FINANCIAL,)  ALL MY NEEDS.

When we learn to Trust In The Lord, to Walk  With The Lord, to Live For The Lord. 

Life becomes Exciting,  His Provision, Is Precious, His Presence, Indescribable.  The Shekinah Glory of God, will visible in our lives, to whatever extent, we give ourselves to Him.

Whether you are at the top or bottom right now today,   “Today is the day.”   The acceptable day, the most successful day you could experience.  The day of Salvation,  Forgiveness and Love Devine.

He is knocking at the door of your heart.  Open the door invite Him in.  Change your future. 


The blanket of His love will not just put out the fire, but keep you safe and secure.    Amen

5 thoughts on “Come to Jesus moment:  theunfetteredpreacher 

  1. Bill, mine was not an earth-shattering moment. I was on a walk around a lake. His approach was quiet, like a whisper. I had been thinking on it, reading, wondering in my head. And suddenly, He warmed my heart, held wide His arms, and I walked into His embrace. And I have never been the same.

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  2. Beautiful! God bless both of you! I sought Him in the midst of depression and suicidal thoughts. He washed me with a golden glow of peace that started at the top of my head and washed through my whole body down to the tips of my toes! I had never been at peace until that moment! PROOF THAT WE HAVE BEEN MADE TO WORSHIP HIM AND HIM ALONE! He’s the best!


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