I spent Saturday with two of my brothers-in- law, at this Baptist Bible Conference.   1533 attendees,  powerful music, inspired speakers, wonderful fellowship.

I heard and appreciated teaching on Regeneration, Sanctification, Justification, from  men who had spent a lifetime in study and love of the Word.


It is an awesome responsibility to lead so many lovers of God to truth and life. 

I heard a wonderful word from the book of Joshua. “Moses my servant is dead;”  how that semi colon represented the end of an era;  with a pomise of more.

We learned how the land had been promised to Gods people in the time of Abraham, and it was now time (after years of bondage), to cross the Jorden and claim it as their own.

So it pierced my heart to hear the rejection  of the promise of the Lord for us today. 

The Holy Spirit and His Gifts were given so that believers would have Power and Authority to build His Kingdom today.

The lack of faith to receive and increase these gifts today, is the same evil heart of unbelief that kept them in the desert for forty years.

Unbelieving Believers;  there is still time to enter into the promise, ask, seek and knock.

The Lord will give His Spirit to whosoever will receive it.  Like Salvation, we must seek it.  Seek life…..Seek the Spirit of the living God.


1533 men who love God have left and gone back into the world, with more Biblical Knowlege. 

Sadly, because of unbelief, they are not leaving in the Power and Authority promised by our Lord.


Ignoring the Spirit, is not wanting to know the truth. 

Ridiculing the Gifts is too close to Blasphymy for me to be comfortable.  Lord, forgive them, they know not what they do.

Lord, send forth Your Spirit of Truth.  Empower Your People.  Amen

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon.
Know you are loved.

6 thoughts on “UNBELIEVING BELIEVERS – 3/12/16

  1. Did you watch the Vineyard Summit video with Eleanor Mumford? She said before she had an encounter she was taught to hold the Holy Spirit at arms length mentally snipping out of her Bible everything to do with miracles and the work of the Holy Spirit. Satan immasculates and disarms the Body of Christ with lies and deceptions and one commonly taught is that these works are no longer needed because when the perfect has come (The cannon of Scripture) then the imperfect is done away with. As Eleanor said, this made her Bible rather thin. Keep praying Bill. Our Body needs electro shock to revive muscles that have been ignored. When we all get on the same page Satan will be in a world of hurt.


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