What are you Filled with? The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

The earth is full of His Glory. 

The inhabitants, not so much.  In Genesis we see that the earth was full of violence.  Today it is much the same.  (To our shame).


In times past, the Lord would fill people with the Spirit of God, a Spirit of Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge in all manner of Workmanship.  (Exodus 35)

Why?  So they could build His Tabernacle, His place of residence.  He fills us with His Spirit today for the same reason.  (To build His Kingdom).

It is interesting to me that all men get a measure of faith, (the ability to believe), but we who do believe, can allow ourselves to be Filled with the Spirit.

Yes, we must ask, as we did for Salvation, The Lord doesn’t force His Spirit on anyone. 

They were in one place, in one accort, waiting for the revelation, the fulfillment of His promise.  

Many of us today, claim if God wanted us to have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit He would have given it.  

Well, do you desire the best gifts?  Or are you afraid of them?

The gifts will not make you do foolish things, make you embarrass yourself.  The Baptism will fill you with Joy, Peace and Life like you have never known.  The Spirit is subject to us, we control what we do with Him.

Are you full of His Spirit?  How would you know?  Can we know or must we take it on blind faith?  I am persuaded we can and should know.

When you are full, Jesus bubbles forth, people will see and recognize the Master in your midst. 

The joy of the Lord is your strength, the peace that passes understanding your constant companion.

Let the Glory of the Lord shine through you.

How do we receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?   Do I have to speek in tongues?  Do I have to interpret tongues?

To receive the Baptism:
Go to your prayer closet.
Ask the Lord to fill you with His Spirit.

Must you speak in tongues and interpret?
There is no need of interpretation unless you speak in tongues publicly. 

There is a private tongues, a prayer language.  You should ask the Lord for your prayer language, it builds up your most holy faith.

As you prayerfully  wait, a sound may come into your mind, let it out of your mouth.  It may seem to be gibberish, but you are speaking Spirit to Spirit, directly to God.

It will change you.  You will experience the Lord, as you have never known Him.  You will walk closer to Him, it will be easier to obey and understand His desires for you.

You will care for and pray for those around you.  You will do the work of the Lord.



If you would like explaination of the gifts, especially tongues, please ask someone who has experience with them, not unbelieving, believers.

Become a Holy Spirit dispencer.

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon.
Know you are loved.

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