I have no delight in thee; – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

Have you ever considered, that the Lord will say:  “I have no delight in thee;

You know there will be believers, who will hear: “Depart from Me, I never knew you.” 

How can this be?  Will He say it to you?  Why would He say this to believers?

We see why, in the story of the Talents. (Mathew 25).  The Master left His servants Talents, (money?),  those who increased those Talents were blessed, those who buried them heard, “Depart”.  When the Master returned.


We are usually taught the Talents were money.   Did He leave you any money?  I didn’t think  so.

Are you a servant of Jesus? 

Do you really think the Talents He left are in knowing how to invest, how to make money?

NO,  …..  HE LEFT US, (sent  us), HIS HOLY SPIRIT. 

He would have us increase in our ability to walk in His will, by the Power and Grace of the Holy Spirit.

He would have signs and wonders following those who believe.  He promised they would, why don’t they?


He gave us His Holy Spirit,  a lot of churches acknowledge the existence of, but deny the power, gifts and works of Him today.   They are burying the Talents He would have us increase.

There is a time, when we will be asked, how we increased His Kingdom, by the use of His Gifts.


The gifts needed for today, it may be the Gift of Faith, or Healings, Miracles, Prophecy, Discerning of spirits, Words of Wisdom or Knowledge.

Or heaven forbid the Gift of tongues, (so you have a better prayer life, in private with God.

Or tongues and interpretation to exhort and comfort your brothers in Christ in public.

Read the whole word, Paul says:  SEEK YE THE BEST GIFTS.  Just use them in love.

Will the Lord have delight in us?

2 Samuel: 15. 26.
But if he thus say, I have no delight in thee; behold, here am I, let him do to me as seemeth good unto him.”

This scripture is from the time King David is fleeing from his son Absolom.  He sent the Ark of the Lord back to Jerusalem. 

Declaring he would wait and see whether the Lord allowed him to  see it again or not.

David was rewarded because of his faith and his life of repentance.

We will be rewarded because of our faith, life of repentance and our obedience in loving God and each other, by supplying their needs. 

Both by physical means, food, clothes, financial help and by Spiritual means, Words of comfort, grace, direction.  Healings and Miracles.


Be a Holy Spirit dispenser.  Meet the needs of others.

He will give His Gifts to those who can be trusted to use them for His Glory.  Is that you?

“According to your faith be it unto you.”

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon.
Know you are loved.

7 thoughts on “I have no delight in thee; – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

  1. I’m not sure you built a strong case for God rejecting believers. There is the verse that says these people honor me with their words but their heart is far from Me. These, like the white washed tombs that Jesus decried in Matthew had a great facade but we stinking of death inside. Having a form of godliness but denying it’s power describes not true believers but true unbelievers. The weeds the enemy planted among the grain. Jesus said My sheep hear my voice and they know me and follow me and no man shall take them out of my hand. Paul says examine yourself to see if you are of faith. If we are consumed with personal advancement, how we appear and have no heart to obey and are not hearing God’s voice then we might be in another fold.


    • just sharing the word, it is His case to make. thanks for reading and comments. I might add I am not a once saved always saved guy. No one can snatch us from His hand, but we still have free will to reject Him and walk away as Cain did. Unrepented sin will seperatevus also….

      Thanks for making me think.

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      • We think it’s alive but it’s just a dog ma. “-) May we always be yielded and teachable by the Holy Spirit. The dogma may have a bite–unintended consequences or collateral damage. I’m finding as I read and reread Scriptures some of my previous paradigms are shifting. The Scriptures are clear God is autonomous and works ALL things according to His will. In ways, sometimes we might take exception to, like when he sent a lying spirit in a couple of circumstances to put people in the line of His fire and judgement. God does reveal Himself but, as we see in Job, even if He were to lay it all out He is so far above and beyond our pay grade we could never wrap our minds around it even if He told us. But I know whom I have believed in and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day.


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