Expired Faith: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

What is Expired Faith?

Expired Faith is a Faith that doesn’t really believe that the signs and wonders, miracles, gifts of the Spirit are possible today.

After all I believe, I pray for miracles,  I believe in healing, forgiveness, victory in Jesus.   I don’t experience these things in my life, so God must not be operating that way since the Apostles died away.

It’s not me, or my Denominational teachings that are holding God back.  It is just a time of silence like between the Old and New Testament.



We don’t see the Lord working through us because we are unworthy.

Wait a minute Bill, “I’m the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. ”  “I am washed in the blood, white as snow, my sins are washed away.”

“I am Saved, Sanctified, Holy Ghost filled and water Baptized, Jesus on my mind, I found a new life.”

All this is certainly true and you have your ticket for heaven…yip, yip, yippee. ….

We don’t see the work of the Lord because we aren’t doing the work. 

We think our blog or teaching Sunday school, Bible study, posts on Facebook, Twitter. ..ect.
That is my ministry.

Or better yet:   “I Preach and Teach my congregation every week…..”

Let me ask you:  Are those you teach, learning how to search the Bible themselves?

Do you think people who see you daily  (at stores, buying gas, getting the mail),  know you are a follower of Christ?

When we learn to totally submit to and obey the direction of the Holy Spirit,  let Jesus  be above our wants, desires, needs.

Only then will


we be usable vessels of our Lord.

When He is our all, He will be able to use us all.

Lord, please mold me, make me, use me.  Help me to touch the hem of Your garments. …enter into Your Holy of Hollies, be a vehicle for Your Service.

Thank You Lord….

Thanks for visiting, come back soon.
bill theunfetteredpreacher cote
know you are loved

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