Depart from me; O Lord: – The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

Have you ever cried out, depart from me; O Lord, for I am a sinner?

Has the Lord ever done anything with you, to you, or through you, that was so big, you cried out, Lord depart from me?


Peter and his friends had just received a record catch and Peter cried out depart from me;   for I am a sinner, Oh Lord.   Then he turned around and followed Jesus.

As a new graduate from Bible School I would pray O Lord, let me know the power of your resurrection.  I was afraid to pray for the Fellowship of his sufferings, I  didn’t want to pray for the fellowship of his sufferings, I really didn’t want to suffer. what I wanted was to be made into his image.  (Poof, magically, no muss no fuss).

I wanted to work and walk in His power.   Without paying the price.

As he learned obedience by the things he suffered, we  need to know a little suffering also.  He cannot trust us with His power, until he knows we will be faithful.

He knew Job, He knew Abram, does he know you?

He knew their hearts, they could be trusted, they both became victorious because of it.  If I am tested, will I come out on top or will I fail?

I now pray the whole prayer: “Lord that I might know you and the power of your resurrection and the fellowship of your sufferings that I might be made into your image.”


Lord, mold me, make me, Lord change my heart to  a heart that desires only you.

Way back 30 some odd years ago, when he displayed his power through me; I cried out, Oh Lord depart from me, I am  a sinner.  Use someone else Lord.

I have not felt his power since, Lord I pray, make me a vessel You can use to heal the sick, for the lost to come to be saved. The  blind would see, the deaf would hear. 

Lord Jesus please, use me.

In Jesus name: Amen.