Sin is like Gorilla Glue

Have you ever used Gorilla Glue?   It is wonderful stuff, I have used it for many projects and been extremely satisfied with the results.

My smart phone holster was falling apart so Gorilla Glue to the rescue.    While at a job I knew I would be on for 3 or more hours.  I decided to glue up my holster.   Took my phone out applied glue. Set it aside to dry.

It was finished:  The job was done.  Collected my tools, put them in tool case.  Checked out holster…..looking good, seemed dry.  Put on hip, placed phone inside, went out to my car.

Phone vibrated; once.

I’ve had this phone almost 2 years…it is a good phone, I know how to use this phone.  This phone has my life on it.

The only problem with this phone is the screen cracks really easily.  (When dropped).

I had replaced screen twice. (Ouch).  The third time  decided to live with the cracks.

Vibrate once, a text message I am sure.

Well maybe I shut it off by accident?

Not a chance, a little bit of Gorilla Glue snuck inside the cracks and fried my phone.

Why do I mention this?  Just to let you know I’m  not too bright?

No, to warn you that sin is just like Gorilla Glue.  It expands and will fill any cracks in your armor.  A little sin in your life, can and will completely take over.  It can fry your walk with the Lord.

We must be quick to recognize and quick to repent, just like King David when Nathan woke him up to his sin.   Our Spirit may belong to the Lord, we still have our minds and bodies that need to be brought under submission to the Holy Ghost.

Let the chastisement of the Lord teach you the way you should walk.  We are Holy because He is Holy….We must let His Spirit rule in our lives.

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