that they may not understand

These were Gods words when He came down to see the city and tower the people were building.
They had one language,
They worked as one, nothing could stop them, from building a monument to themselves. They could do whatever they imagined.
The Lord said:
” let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.”

The mighty plan of man defeated.
After the resurrection of Jesus,  one hundred and twenty people gathered in one accord in one place.  When God came down again in the form of the Holy Spirit and baptised with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

The first time to deny man his goal of reaching heaven.  The second to fulfill His plan to bring the kingdom of heaven to man.

Unfortunately man has allowed the Gift of Tongues to split up the body and not join it together  to fulfill Gods plan.

Since not all speak in tongues. …(after all it takes faith as an adult to allow yourself to speak  gibberish).  We cannot understand but God does.

Friction abounds with in the body,
Denominations Dominate.
Churches established.
People with like minds gather
Rituals initiated
The Holy Spirit is Denied
The Church withers on the vine.

We used to sing “Fire, a Holy Fire, burn away all sin and dross…..send it down O Lord,  we need another Pentecost”

The Gift of Tongues,  Interpretation of Tongues. …the place of decision. …so many reject the idea,  fear the thought and deny the presence of the one they claim to seek.

More than we could ask, think or imagine. …that is the promise that we long to see fulfilled.   That all would come to the knowledge of the truth, the world to be saved.  Jesus used the Gifts of the Spirit to win the lost.   We need them also.

The Gifts of the Spirit are on the mantle, waiting for the people of God to unwrap the mystery and put them to use building His Kingdom.

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