God left him: theunfetteredpreacher

“God left him, to try him, that he might know all that was in his heart.” 2 Chronicles 32:31

Have there been times in your life, when God just doesn’t seem to be aware of your situation? He doesn’t realize you need His help, His Peace, Wisdom, or Comfort?

It does happen. He tries us, not so He knows what is in our hearts, but so we know.

He knew Abraham had the Faith to sacrifice Isaac.

It was Abraham who had to prove it to himself. Was he willing to give up his most precious possession for his Walk with God? (He did).

In the example above, Hezekiah failed the test. (2 Kings 20:12- 19)

I have failed the test. I do not know if the Lord will give me a make-up test or not. It was a long time ago. I knew it at the time.

It sent me into a funk, that took years to climb out of.

It wasn’t until I was obedient to play piano in a small UMC Church, that I realized His Presence in my life again.

I am here, until I learn, to accept whatever He is teaching me.

Lord, open my heart and mind, my eyes and ears, to understand and obey Your voice, to Know and Do Your Will.


‘You can have the relationship, you want with God. I want a more intimate one.’

Thanks for visiting, come back soon.
Know, you are loved.
bill Theunfetteredpreacher cote

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