In line: Theunfetteredpreacher

When I was a youngster, we stood in line. We waited in line, we walked 2 by 2, in line to class, to the movies or to lunch.

I never heard of waiting on line, until a few years ago. Now everyone is on line, waiting, for an event. (Not just on computer).

On instead of in? Whose great idea was that?

It doesn’t make sense, or sound correct, but, some clown thought it up, it is so.

My Dad, brother, and I, were small business owners.

Please do not call me an entrepreneur, it sounds like I run a house of ill repute. lol

Regardless… that is the word….

I heard some dictionary geek, say irregardless, is a word, just a more emphatic regardless. Maybe so, but it sounds ridiculous.

Inflammable? Do not get me started.

Things change, for no good reason, and for no rhyme or reason.

I guess it is OK, in some instances, but, there are things that never change.

We cannot wipe out sin, by making it legal.

Wrong does not become right, down isn’t up, just because of public opinion.

Man isn’t Woman or Woman Man, just because we feel like it. There are not 58 genders, only two.

Integrity, modesty, honesty, manners, being polite, civil, courteous, genteel, gracious, mannerly, well-bred.

These things are always in style, and sadly missing in our world today.

Somethings should never change. We need to re-educate much of society today, and be sure to raise up the next generation, in the way they should go.

Saints, stand fast, for that which is right.


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