My Surprise, since Salvation: theunfetteredpreacher

My Surprise?

I have spent most of my Christian life, with Full Gospel Saints.

The joy, peace and love of the Lord was so easy to see in their lives. I could go to any Full Gospel place of Worship, and enjoy the presence of God.

My Surprise?

Churches and their Saints who are not Baptized in the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in Tongues.

Worship, in some Churches, come close to bringing down the Spirit. The Love of Christ is evident.

The peace and joy are foreign entities, though. They do not recognize that the absence of the Spirit.

Spiritual things are not understood, without the Spirit’s presence.

They are not taught the Scriptures concerning the Spirit, because they DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE SPIRIT.

I went to a big Baptist convention, about 5,000 in attendance. We heard good messages on Repentance, Regeneration, Salvation, Sanctification, ect…

Then the last speaker,…

I believe he blasphemed the Holy Spirit, he ridiculed speaking in Tongues, there by denying the Power of God.

I will point out this man was paralyzed from the neck down. I fear this doesn’t give him license.

Most Non-denominational Churches, admit the Holy Spirit is real, yet, there is no evidence of his presence.

They can not teach something they know nothing of.

What Surprised me is they DO NOT WANT TO KNOW, SO THEY NEVER WILL.

That is why the Church does not grow. It is dying because the know not the Scriptures and deny the power of God.

When I was saved, I wanted all God had for me. Why don’t they?

That is My Surprise…

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