On a certain day: theunfetteredpreacher

Luke 5:17 (KJV)

And it came to pass on a certain day, as he was teaching, that there were Pharisees and doctors of the law sitting by, which were come out of every town of Galilee, and Judaea, and Jerusalem: and the power of the Lord was present to heal them.”

On a certain day. What day? Today is the day.

Jesus taught everywhere He went.

If you read the Gospels, multitudes sought Him out, those who believed and were seeking a healing touch. As well as those who were religious.

Those who were sure they understood how, where and when God would show Himself.

These doubted Jesus was THE ONE.

We seem to have forgotten why the Lord used signs, wonders, and miracles.

Do you wonder why we don’t see these things today?

The last line of Mark 6, reads, “As many as touched Him, were healed.”

We have asked Him into our hearts, accepted His Forgiveness and put Him on the shelf.

We take Him out Sunday mornings, and if we are really religious, Wednesday evenings.

We don’t seem to need Him other days. As a result, He has become Powerless in our lives.

“The power of the Lord was (is) present to heal them.”

Jesus said, many times: “ONLY BELIEVE”

As young children, most of us believed, we were safe while our parents provided our needs and wants.

As adults, we believe we are the providers.

We work long hours, extra jobs, just to have a little extra money, over what we need to pay the bills.

Arthritis hit, not able to work extra jobs, some days not able to do my regular job. (Tuning and playing pianos)

I am not earning what I was accustomed to. Yet, miraculously, the bills are paid, there is money for the little things.


Not just to heal, but to supply our needs, provide comfort, peace and joy.

On a certain day.

The day we trust, obey, and BELIEVE.

My God is able to do exceedingly above all I can ask think or imagine. For me and mine, as well as for you and yours.


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