In Whose Name? Theunfetteredpreacher

In Whose Name?

In The Name: If a rose by any other Name…

We believe in some Names.

For me if Clint Eastwood’s Name is in the credits, I am sure I will enjoy the movie.

For others it may be Spielberg, or Pixar, Disney ot Tom Hanks, that gets the blood flowing.

Just the Name conveys confidence that we can trust and rely on the experience we will have.

It’s the same with Churches, Baptist, Methodist, Full Gospel… the Names all have an implied meaning.

We would feel betrayed, if we walked into a Full Gospel Church and found a Methodist order of service. The reverse would also be true.

We depend, trust, and rely on the Name, to guide and direct us, we can’t Worship there, they don’t believe like we do.

We make many choices because of a Name, a brand of gas, a can of beans, a bag of chips. We make choices based on a Name.

In the book of Acts, the lame man from the gate beautiful was healed, the people gathered and Peter explained.

It wasn’t John or I that healed this man, only Jesus.

Acts 3: 16.

And his name through faith in his name hath made this man strong, whom ye see and know: yea, the faith which is by him hath given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all.”

Acts 3:16 (AMPC)

And His name, through and by faith in His name, has made this man whom you see and recognize well and strong. [Yes] the faith which is through and by Him [Jesus] has given the man this perfect soundness [of body] before all of you.”

Faith in His Name. JESUS

Faith through His Name. JESUS

Faith by this Name. JESUS

That is a Name we can trust, rely and depend on.

Do we? Really?

For Healing? Comfort and Joy? Salvation?

Turn around, are there signs and Wonders following? If not, the Lord said we do not believe.

Have we lost, our Faith in His Name?

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