Thursday Special: An out of the ordinary man – video – theunfetteredpreacher

After Bible School, I traveled with “The Able Messengers” a drama, music and preaching ministry.

We traveled up and down the East Coast and ministered at Churches. After the group broke up, I traveled first alone, then with my bride.

I would almost always teach a Scripture Song, sing a Special, then preach. Sometimes 3 nights a week.

Then I made the mistake of trying to be a Pastor. At that time, it was an error. It took me 20+ years to get over, and to begin to preach again.

This Song is one of the Specials.


“The piano ain’t got no wrong notes.”
― Thelonious Monk

I only wish my pipes and chops were as good today, as 35 years ago.

You don’t use it you lose it.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Special: An out of the ordinary man – video – theunfetteredpreacher

  1. Nice!
    Don’t know if it was on my end, but I was getting an occasional electrical buzz, and had a brief sound cut-out part way through.
    Don’t you just love technology?


  2. I thought this was a great song, I played it several times, it had a very catchy tune and i found that i was humming it throughout the day. You have always been a very good piano player and i use to enjoy listening to you play at the coffee house in town where I live, Many years ago. You will never loose your touch.


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