I heard the news today- Oh Nuts:  theunfetteredpreacher 

I heard the news today  – Oh Nuts!

President Carter..

Glad he is no longer our worst President,  is still a great guy.   92 years old, admitted to hospital in Canada.  Heat stroke or dehydration while working on a Hospice House.

More strength and energy than I.

Corpus Christy, Texas…

A repair man, found himself locked inside an ATM.  Passed notes to customers….  “help,” until someone finally called the Police.

They broke down the door….  he is out and safe.

Gender curious child..

Patents proud of son, who dons makeup and dress.

James Woods had the best response…  not a quote…  He grows up-and dismembers and puts them in a wood chipper.

I could not agree more.   This is child abuse…

Those are my thoughts… and I am sticking with them.

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