If Trump were a Biblical figure?  theunfetteredpreacher 

If Trump were a Biblical figure which one would he be?

David?  Not hardly, he doesn’t seem to be the type to rely on God.  I think he believes, but is likely to say:  “It’s OK Lord, I’ll take it from here.”

Solomon?   I  don’t think so.  A lot of his tweets, are not wise, though they usually hit the mark.

Jonah?  I somehow doubt it.  He is eagerly doing the work of God.  Draining that swamp.  No,  there’s no hesitation there.

Moses?  Nope, although the Legislative branch, refuses to enter the promised land, and will continue to wander the desert. 

Noah?  lol…   He is certainly  not, a preacher of righteousness.   How long could he tread water?

I guess I could eliminate 95% of our Biblical heros, but there is one who fits.

A man, certainly, a man used by God.  We know him for his hair.   He was set aside from birth, a man destined to deliver, his people from destruction.

A womanizer, first class.  Yet a man of increadable purpose. 

Who was that man?   

SAMSON,  the mighty man, used of God, to deliver Israel from their enimies.  

He was not a Godly man, but a MAN USED BY GOD.

That, dear friends is why I voted for and support Donald Trump.  As a Christian, I realize God doesn’t always use the Godly to fulfil His purpose. 

He uses the willing and available. 


5 thoughts on “If Trump were a Biblical figure?  theunfetteredpreacher 

  1. Bill, Thank you for your observation. I like your comparison to Sampson. I do believe that Our President now is born again. Mike Pensce has had a lot of influence on Trump. His speech in Poland was not only presidential, but filled with faith.


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