I confess, I listen to NPR:  theunfetteredpreacher 

I know, how can I  stand it?  Nothing conservative is good.  We are dumb, uneducated,  needing the crutch of religion.

That accepted,  NPR, has some good weekend comedy shows.  Car talk, Wait, Wait, Radio Lab, and Big Picture Science.  (Only if you can laugh at yourself).

By far the most humorous is Big Picture  Science.

I have heard the question…. “Why don’t Conservatives believe science.?”   They answered the question with absolutely no clue.

I heard one weekend,  a woman who wanted human population of the earth to be no more than 50 million.

What she was going to do with the rest of us she did not specify.

Now, to be fair, by the time this show comes on, I am half way into a nice afternoon nap.

Today, I am wide awake. On Radio Lab,  I heard how they were struggling with too many goats on some island, and how to kill off the excess.

How the Turtles of another island were almost extinct,  they were desperately trying to make this poor surviving male, to  mate.  (He was shooting blanks, and finally died).

I am not being really fair.  I am not sharing all the subtle points they make.

The third was about a fly that kills baby finches.  How do we save them?

What tickles me about these liberals, they  believe in evolution.   Yet, they fight like fools, to stop it happening.

They wonder how species adapt and change, yet refuse to let one set die out.  Owls, seals, snails.

It goes on and on.

Unless it is human.  Then by George, lets kill it before it’s born.

So I confess. I listen and wonder at the foolishness of man.  I only wish they would seek conservative thought.

I may reject their ideas, but I listen and judge first.   They never listen, just reject.


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