Will the HATE, never end?  theunfetteredpreacher 

Will the HATE, never end?

For 8 years, I was disappointed in my fellow Americans.  Why?  For twice, electing, a community organizer, to head our great Nation.

I complained, disagreed, grumbled about the direction of my Country, and the incredible increase in taxes, and loss of business.  But,  I never have hated, the Obama’s.  

My dislike, if you can even call it that,  had nothing to do with color, ONLY POLICY. 

Now, we have a new leader.  Jobs are coming back, almost like when Reagon was elected, true hope is in many hearts.

Sadly, there are those, who are not satisfied with disappointment, complaining, grumbling and disagreement. 

No,  it is all too sad.   

Mock up, severed heads, a orange haired, ruler, stabbed and killed while the audience cheers.

Open hatred, spewed from our so called comedians, our news media, and the opposing party, talking of impeachment, mental illness. 

Even before he took office.


We were the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.   We can disagree with Policy and Politics, and still respect, and be friends with one another. 

When Mr. OBAMA,  was elected, you did not see those on the right, turn away from family or friends.  

I do not remember any right wing nuts, shooting the folks on the left.

What happened when Mr. TRUMP was elected?

The left has become unhinged.   People, GROW UP, SIT DOWN, and SHUT UP.   Next election, get a decent candidate,

Win back, the House, the Senate and the White House.  Do everything decently and in order.

We are trying to correct the perceived mistakes of the previous 8 years.  You can work to correct the mistakes of this period of time.

A conservative talk host, (Michael Savage), coined a phrase: “LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER.”

I hate to agree, but watch the news, listen to the comedians, take off your Democrat glasses…  and face the facts.

Lord, I pray for this Country, a Cival War is brewing, and probably already begun.   Please save our Great Land.  Amen

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