I heard the News today,.. oh my:  theunfetteredpreacher 

I am a talk radio junkie.  For the uninformed,  it almost naturally follows, that I am a Christian, Conservative.

We the people, (regardless of our politics), cannot avoid hearing the main stream media, all the time, everywhere we go.

Since it is what we hear, all our lives, it appears to be, and most of us, accept it, as Truth, the  Normal, both Reality Based and Sane.

It almost certainly  isn’t. 

The News Media,  with the help of our Godless Politicians, have claimed normalcy, for gay marriage,  transgender, transracial, and white privilege, ideas, all to be acceptable, and we must embrace them.

These things, are neither normal or true.  Free speach, is not hate speach, as it is quickly being labeled. 

It doesn’t matter what Bruce or Bradley do, or think,  they may call themselves females, but they will always be males.

Rachel and Elizabeth are both Caucasian, and women.  

Black lives do not matter more then Blue lives, or any, human life.

I am sorry to break your bubble,  but practising homosexuality, is sin, and not an acceptable activity.  (Believe it, or not).

I do not dislike, or hate any of above believers of the lies of the left.   

We the people have heard these lies so often, that when we hear, a different opinion, it is easy to reject it.   

We must search, to find an alternative to the main stream media.  To find the truth.

For people who have been taught to be offended by flags, statues and speach,  these different opinions, facts, philosophy,  must be false, seem hateful, even scary.

In todays world it is not hard to search, the official government records, to find the truth, to review the statistics, to know voting records.

Instead, we are removing Confederate Statues, Confederate Battle Flags,  changing the names of buildings, roads, and towns, trying to erase our history.  

Like changing our skin color, or gender, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE,  IT IS WHAT IT IS, WE ARE WHO WE ARE.  

If we hide it, deny it, or if we haven’t been taught truth, we are left with the lie.  Soon we will repeat the history we are scrambling to  scrub from our lives.

I understand Treasury Agents, study real money, so that they might recognize, the counterfeit.   We must learn to do the same.

Whether it is when life begins, to the statistics on shooting deaths.  The history of our political parties on civil liberties, or the truth on climate change.

We must go beyond the information we are fed daily and search for the truth.  Read, listen, question,  opposing views.  

Have an open, not an empty mind.

As a Christian,  I do not just accept what I am taught.  I have studied the Word, I believe, I trust, I  pray, that I would and will recognize the counterfeit. 

We must do the same, with the information, the News, we hear every day.  Know the source,  consider the motives, use your head.

Think, do not allow feelings, to override intelligence. 

End of rant, thanks for reading.   Any comments? 

7 thoughts on “I heard the News today,.. oh my:  theunfetteredpreacher 

  1. Thank you for encouraging Christians to think rather than just blindly believe what they hear from various sources! I encourage people to dig in the Bible, pray, seek the Lord, and think without taking my word for it.

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  2. Reblogged this on I ONCE WAS LOST and commented:
    “If we hide it, deny it, or if we haven’t been taught truth, we are left with the lie. Soon we will repeat the history we are scrambling to scrub from our lives.”

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  3. I must admit that a politician said something about all of this that I liked: “We don’t need to be putting the Confederacy part of our history on a pedestal” or something like that. I don’t think we should rewrite history or ignore it by putting it away but perhaps a museum where lessons are learned from it.

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