Was it Love? Or LUST?  theunfetteredpreacher 

My sweet wife, Bette and I have been married, for 33 years, this month.  I now know, it is love, but, when I first saw her?  

I think, a little lust, might have been involved.

Speaking with some friends about marriage,  I commented that in all our years together, we never, seriously contemplated divorce. 

Murder, (Well…)  …  lol

The truth is it took time to know each other.  

There are things both of us have come to know about each other…  That quite frankly, are not so flattering. 

Are they deal breakers?  

No, they are a small part, of the people we love.

The woman, I made a vow, to love, and cherish till death, (there it is again…  lol), does us part.    

The point is, all becomes evident,  as we walk with each other daily.   Good times and bad.  We have each other.

I know I have disappointed her many times in many ways,  she has been angry, embarrassed, humiliated, broken and loved.

It is all part of the package, an uncomfortable truth of life.  She has never left me nor forsaken me.


Because, her example, of what LOVE IS, comes from her abiding in, the beloved.  She loves and walks with Jesus,  first.

Then she can find, the strenghth, courage, and ability to keep me straight. (The peace, joy and comfort of the Holy Ghost),

My reason for this post, originally, to encourage my friends who read this, to get to know the Lord.  As well as your spouse.   


I just want to end it by thanking my sweet Lord, for Bette, my love and the wonderful child, (Celeste), He has given us.

If they were the only Blessings the Lord ever gave,  my heart would be full.  

Thank You, Jesus

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