To Touch Him 6:  Jacob: theunfetteredpreacher 

Of all the Biblical examples available.  

Of all the men, women and children, mentioned in the Bible, who is the most “unlikely” to teach us how to touch the Lord.

How to sway, to change the mind, or direction of the Lord.  To cause the Lord to act, in our favor. 

I have struggled with this for quite a while.  “All who touched Him, were made whole.”

A simple line of Scripture, found, the last line of Mark 6.   A truth, misunderstood,  misbelieved, misappropriated. 

We need to learn to touch Him.

Jacob is my guide.   (Genesis 25-33)

He is a thief, stealing his brothers blessing and birthright.   

Then reality sets in.  (Please read the story, only giving bare bones here).  Esau’s plan to kill him.

He wa ostracized from his family.  Sent away.  Having to leave all he knew behind.  

That is what and when his change of heart and mind, began.

He met Jesus, (at Jacobs latter), he made a vow to serve the Lord, and even tithe,  if he could eventually return home in peace.  (His vow, is powerful).

He served and was cheated by his Uncle,  for many years, accepting the bad he received from Laben as the crop he had sown and was now reaping.

When it was finally time to return to his country, he sent the best he had, to his brother, hoping to sooth and tame his brothers anger.

He became a man of repentance,  a man who knew how to not only touch God,  but how to receive what he sought. 

He wrestled with God and won,   It can be done.  

We just need to hang on, and never let go.  

Lord, please help us to stay at Your side, accomplishing Your will, Your way, in Your time.  Amen

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