Tales of my Family 14:   Martha:  theunfetteredpreacher 

Martha, 10 years older, (than I), according to her.  9 years according to Mom.  She baby sat.  During my pre-teen years, one of the most important people in my life.

When she left home to go to St. Bernard’s H.S.  I was brokenhearted.  Inconsolable.   

I am not sure why, she didn’t attend Oakmont, (she would have been in first graduating class, Dave was in the second).

(I just remembered, Dave put a car on the roof at Oakmont….  (I never could, complete with that))

I do know, she left me to go to school,  then she left me to get married.   She had her own life, how selfish.  lol.  (I am sure she was my first love).

(I got drunk for my first time at her reception…  (I was 10?), they poured wine for the toast, before folks sat to eat.   (She married a guy who rode a Vespa…  Can you believe it)?

I went around drinking all the wine.  Everyone was down stairs dancing). 

Dad was not happy.  They had to wait while wine was refilled, to do the toast.

I thought the world of her.   She seemed to have it together, (money wise).  She kept track, to the penny.   (Me, careless, hopeless,  helpless… clueless).

After I got saved, I would call her collect, and talk about Jesus.  

She never forgave me the collect calls, or the preaching.   “Don’t talk about religion.”  I heard that continually. 

I have never understood, her obsession with money.   Whether five dollars or five hundred, she kept track.   

One time, after Ken and she had visited,  Ken had helped me, (Ken, did all the work), put a window in my garage.

My tape measure went home with them.   No big deal…  When she realized it, she sent me ten dollars to replace it….   WHY???

It was no big deal….   I have lost more expensive tools then that….  I didn’t need the money, didn’t care about the money,  was really confounded that she sent the money.

It made me think more highly of her integrity, honesty, trustworthiness. 

I loved her and miss her.   I am not sure why, we could not discuss anything of importance.  

Religion, (Jesus), or Politics, (a Godless Liberal), she never did see the light.  So Sad, really. 

When first Saved, (when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior), I prayed, effectually,  fervently for my Family.   That they would find and accept this free gift, of love, joy and peace. 

I believe I heard the voice of God.

“I hear you Bill, enough…”

I rest in this.  

That the Lord will and has preformed that which I believe.   I do have the hope of seeing them all again.
Martha, her husband Ken,  (not the vespa guy), and Amy.

Dave and Martha

Moms funeral….   Emma, my beautiful niece,  her Dad Erick, and me.

Thanks for listening.   By the way, did not Martha date  a Tom Morse?   The name jumps out at me…

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