PTales of my Family 13:   Big Brother Dave: theunfetteredpreacher 

David, was either 8 or 9 years older then I, depending on how my mother felt about answering.

I think I mentioned,  until I  was in my forties, she told me she was born in NY State.  Then one day, when passing my Aunt Loretta’s house, she told me she was born in the house next door.  

In Gardner MA…   You figure it out.  

She thought being born in NY, was a better story.   (Martha, my sister confirmed Gardner, how she knew???)

In any case, I loved Mom, but….

Now David, is one of my first memories.   I was just a little guy, we still lived in the house on Main St.  (In front of the garage).

(Originally there was a house and barn, the barn had a secret passage, into a speak-easy from prohibition.  All before my time and recollection).

Well, I was young, and stupid,  (stupid, longer then young).   We had a miniature collie we called Rags.  

During thunderstorms he would run into Gardner and hide at a gas station there.   We had to pick him up often. 

At some point he was hit by a car, and lost a leg.   David, put him in the bathtub,  told me he could do Magic, and make that leg appear and disappear. 

He could too….   So dumb….  Amazing…  lol

But he wasn’t always mean.  He taught me how to ride a bike,  got me on at the house on Cote Ave, and let me go down hill.  (I did learn, not quite that fast though).

He brought home a go cart, a chainsaw engine, no real brakes, and set me loose on that.

I looked up to him, he had a full beard at 18,  it took me till I was 30 to cover my face…  he loved cars and things mechanical.   

He loved working in the garage.  I think back, and miss him now.   We never had much in common…

Music was my love.  He liked Neil Diamond and car songs…  not a perfect match.   I wish I had cared enough to get to know him.

He taught me gun safety, but the targets were always too far away to hit, never mind hit a bulls eye.

I have fond memories.   If anyone has stories of my family, it would be nice to hear them.


Rest in Peace, Big Brother…  you are loved.

11 thoughts on “PTales of my Family 13:   Big Brother Dave: theunfetteredpreacher 

  1. I love that story and every time that I go by Cote Ave, in South Ashburnham , I think of you. I do think of many of my own stories we had growing up together with the gang, OLIVARIES< CHALIFOUX, etc i will not go on I think you will get the remembrance I would love to hear more but There is only on person who is in her 90'S i could ask , and i do not think she would be able to contribute much because she is getting memory lapse, but i will keep trying as i hope you do too….


  2. went to school at your house downstairs, learned to work on cars and pump gas at the gas station (up above and below), oil deliveries with George, pick up accidents with your brother, learn to paint cars with Buckwheat in the stall at the end of the building, sweeping the garage for extra money.
    Dennis Navin


  3. David. Aka: Cote.
    Always around to lend an unconditional hand.
    He watched me grow up. Took a liking to me and my mom. Fixed my car (endlessly), bought me soda and chips.
    He even gave me a gift to recognize my son’s first year of life.
    He may not have been a blood relative but most definitely qualifies for uncle David:)
    Leah Rossi McSparren


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