King Saul and Samson – men of God? Nope: An old post revisited: theunfetteredpreacher

King Saul and Samson – men of God? Nope

July 26, 2014 bill
When we think of these two men, who were used mightily by the Lord. It is natural to think of them as Godly men. After all one was the first King of Israel, who led them to many victories and the other was one of Israels most famous Judges, who did many mighty exploits.

They were not Mighty Men of God but men God used mightily. Let me explain:

Samsons parents were approached by an angel of the Lord, told though barren, they would have a child. A Nazarene, don’t ever cut his hair, he should eat only special food and drink.

They were obedient, the child grew, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him and he did mighty exploits. He delivered Israel from many enemies.

Then we have King Saul, made the first King of Israel because of his hight and looks.

Anointed of the Lord who made him a new man, while God gave him a new heart. He led Israel to many victories.

You might ask, why are these not great men of God then?

Neither of these men had a real personal relationship with the Lord and did not realize when the Spirit of the Lord left them.

Their concerns were being dissed and revenge.

When we study the life of David, we find a man after Gods heart. Who when confronted with his sin, cried out: “Take not your Holy Spirit away from me.”

A truly Godly man knows and fears grieving the Spirit. He is quick to repent and longs for the fellowship of the Lord.

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