God IS: theunfetteredpreacher 

Last summer,  I was not feeling well. Arthritis mostly, I guess. In any case, I had little or no ambition.  

Having been in business for over 20 years, I am not surprised when work slows for a few weeks at a time, (I often, look forward to the break ).

So I wasn’t concerned when the first month went by and I hadn’t made even 50% of my average income.  

In fact, I even thanked the Lord, for a season of rest.  

Remember,  I was not feeling my best.  (Apparently not thinking either).   lol

It really wasn’t till I was half way through the second month, that the financial lack became a concern.  By the time the third month started, panic was setting in.

Since I am of a certain age, I opted to sign up for SS.  Immediate crisis averted.  (Thank the Lord, for the SS safety net).  

Still a problem, though, where were my faithful and true customers?  I really had not planed on retirement for another 3 years. 

realized something was wrong.  

My phone was not ringing.  I would check it and find missed calls or voice mails.  I would not hear it ring.  Was I losing my mind?

 While out on the road  the phone would ring, when at home nope.

I tried calling my wifes phone, when we were both at home.  I could hear it ring while her phone was silent.  What is going on?

According to Sprint, our local tower was not forwarding our calls. 

It took close to two weeks, (after 3 months of not knowing we had a problem), to find, replace and repair the problem.   

It is repaired now, thank God, but business income, was forever lost, not to mention customers who found someone else to do their piano work.

I mention that to speak of this.  One thing leads to another.  

We often have no control.  We just hang on, look to the Lord and trust.  

This current  time of pneumonia and heart concerns, (the last couple of weeks), like our phone problems, are beyond our control.   

All we can do is look to the Lord, and just hang on and trust.

If God be for us, who can be against us?  

Anything can happen at anytime.  Our best plans, ideas and work can come up short.  

If we trust in the Lord, our apparent lack, becomes a time of rejoicing in the wonders of Gods provision. 

If we reside in His secret place, He is our Shepherd,  our refuge, our fortress, our God, in Him shall we trust.  

He IS, a very present help in times of trouble.  He IS, and IS  a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

It is these times, the times we have no control, that draw us, closer to Him. We learn, to give it all to Him, to rest in Him.

Thank you Lord, for supplying all my needs, according to the riches of Your Glory in Christ Jesus,  my Lord, my Savior, my Rock.  Amen

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