Waited on hand and foot: theunfetteredpreacher

I just spent five days and four nights in Carteret County’s most exclusive accommodation.  

I had a beautiful room, exceptional service, tasty nutritious food, a caring,  efficient, and professional staff.

Altogether a pleasent, experience.   It is a shame, I spent so much of my time sleeping. 

I had pneumonia and heart concerns. 

I am much better now, only because of the Lord, and the professional, knowledgeable, and caring people, employed at Carteret Health Care.

A big THANK YOU, to the cleaning staff, (the place is spotless, the people are pleasent, and efficient).

I do not know how to separate out, all the specialties, assistants, students, Nurses and Doctors.   Thank you to all, I never felt forgotten,  alone or not informed of my condition. 

The Nurses and staff that gave me meds, poked holes in my arms and dealt with my more personal needs, did so with grace, humor and knowledge. 

Thank you, for being so kind and gracious to me.  

When not feeling well, your attitude really affects how we view the world.

You brought sunshine into my life, while I struggled in darkness. 

Thanks to all, (especially 3rd floor folks), at Carteret Health Care.

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