Joy, Down in my heart:  theunfetteredpreacher 

Well, I ‘ve got Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy,  Down in my heart.   WHERE?   Down in my heart, Down in my heart.

I’ve got the peace that passes understanding, Down in my heart.  WHERE?  Down in my heart, today.

Yeah, I’m so happy.  So very happy.  I’ve got the Love of Jesus, deep down in my heart. _/`_/`(music?)

Why Joy, Peace and Love today?

I am joyful today, because I realize, I feel good, healthy, strong, and steady.  I ‘ve not used a cane in a week.

My hand is almost pain free, freedom is back in my piano playing.

 I think the biggest reason for my Joy, is my Bible Study last night. 

For the first time, I was able to share the start of my study:  Jesus in the Old Testament.

We started out with the contrast between the Spirit of God, (Do we know the Holy Spirit: (post)), and the Spirit of the Lord,  (Meet the Spirit of the LORD:  (post)). 

Which explains a Spirit of wisdom, understanding and knowledge, prophecy, and the Gifts of the Spirit,  and a Spirit of the Law, the Spirit  giving Skill and Wisdom in Warfare.

It shows the areas that they meet, as well as the differences in the qualities of the Lord and God.  Or as I will show, Grace and the Law and the Father and Son. 

Please, check out those posts, and watch for my post on the Holy Spirit/Ghost.

Biblical Revelation is available to those who seek His Face.  Whosoever will.

Please leave your comments or questions.   Jesus is alive snd well.  He was alive and well in the Old Testament, also.

Lord, open our hearts and eyes.   Amen

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