Boiled Bacon Again: A Righteous Rant:  theunfetteredpreacher 

I hear on the main stream news:

There is no evidence of wire tapping of Trump.  Clapper says ‘O’, didn’t order it,..  it is done, no investigation needed.

How about the FISA requests?   It seems conservative outlets can access them?  Why can’t main stream?

FBI says no evidence of Russian tampering with election…, yet, we must investigate.  The seriousness of the charge…. demands answers.

Is there any wonder, we voted for Trump… the swamp of Washington and of the News media must be drained.

Truth must be reported, treason must be exposed. 

On another note.

I keep hearing Bruce, being called Caitlin, also a young girl, who thinks she is a boy and going to court to use the boys room in high school. 

The news refers to her as him.

Adults of all stripes should be shouting from the rooftops.   


It used to be leval heads prevailed.   Now it seems the free love, anti establishment,  hippies from the 60’s are manning the watch towers.

Up is down, good is bad, right is wrong.

STOP THE WORLD…(i want to get off).

Bacon should not be boiled.  No one desires soggy bacon, anymore than they desire false, fake news.   STOP IT!

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