Tales of my father 10:  theunfetteredpreacher 

It always amazes me when thoughts long forgotten, return so vividly to mind. 

We had gone out for dinner, Mom, Dad, myself, an Aunt and Uncle, to an Italian place in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. 

My family had never been there, my Aunt and Uncle,  thought it was the cats meow.  

I was probably about 10, bored and into checking everything out.

After wondering around for awhile.  I checked out the mens room.  Before I could finish my business.  Two older boys came in and while standing behind me, pulled out a knife.

I finished, turned around, and nearly needed the throne.  I walked by them, pulled on the door to leave, and they kicked the door shut.

Yep, the throne would have been appropriate.   Nothing was said.

I once again reached for the door. Bang, slammed shut again.  Oh boy, what fun.

Suddenly,  the door flew open and this big man in a wife beater,  stood in the door. 

“Is everything alright? ”  

“Yes Dad, sure.”  As I ran out the door.  I found my Dad and he ran into that bathroom but the kids were long gone.

I don’t know if we stayed to eat,  but, I do know we never returned.

That was the day I learned, never leave home without a knife.

On another occasion we had left a cookout and saw a house that had burned down.  Someone my parents knew, and they talked about whether insurance would replace and how glad they were no one was hurt.

Somehow, Dad got off on a tangent, talking of someone else, who had slipped on the ice at another friends house.

He was incensed,  that they sued the homeowners.   He though these things should be settled like men.   A law suit, was un-forgivable.   

Many years latter, more than 50, I experienced this.

When I was at a friend’s business a few years ago at Christmas time… I was rushing, tripped and broke my top plate.  (False teeth).

My friend was horrified… gave me money to get them repaired. After they were fixed, I went to thank her, after all it was my fault.

She thanked me for not suing her.  

The thought never entered my mind…   I was so surprised and pleased, she paid to fix the teeth, when I felt she was too kind.

Like I said, memories,  how the little things we say and do effect others.

I had a Nephew,  quite a few years younger then I.   The example he saw in my life, (as a teenager), has brought me great shame and sadness. 

If when I was young and stupid, I had not been so stupid…. it would have been nice.

Well, what can you do?  Hope you enjoyed.

9 thoughts on “Tales of my father 10:  theunfetteredpreacher 

  1. This last post of yours was great. I do not agree though that your nephew could have found shame and sadness from what he learned from you. I think he learned what NOT to do as he grew older and wiser and to be a great human being. Everyone takes away a little something from someone else life lessons, they learn on their own good and bad. I knew a lot of good about you when i knew you, and thats what I have taken away from the past of knowing you,,,,,,,,,,,


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