Do you rely on a cell phone?  BEWARE:  theunfetteredpreacher 

I started Cote’s Piano Service in 1995, while living in Morehead City, NC.   We were never going to be rich, but our needs were met and we had a measure of prosperity. 

In 2006, we found a house we loved and decided to move one town over, to Newport, NC.

I did not want to change the phone number, all my work comes in by phone.  So, I got my first cell phone.

A flip phone, wow, no more answering machine.   

People could reach me and make an appointment now, when they wanted to.

Business Improved, immediately.   Wonderful. 

We had a couple of great years.  Then the IRS,  OH, ..NO,.. Mister Bill…   slammed by the hammer.

All this great extra, this promise of a real profit, needed to be paid to the Government. 

 Why did I want to earn more?

To add insult to injury,  we changed to Smart Phones.  (Never felt so dumb in my life).

Time goes by…  I notice voice mail and missed calls.  Where was I, that I didn’t hear the phone ring?

I was sure it was what?  I don’t know, maybe I was loosing my mind…  Life was OK, I wasn’t worried, I ignored the missed calls, (probably Google, again, I didn’t want to buy).

I faithfully answered voice mail.  Business slowed down, I felt bad and was just happy there was still enough coming in to pay the bills.


I realized my work load wasn’t going to pay the bills.  I am 63, I had not planned to ever retire, but seeing our need I signed up for SS.

At least our morgage was covered monthly, but,  What is going on?  A regular customer would call, leave a message and I would work.

I realized these phones are not receiving calls, while we were at home. 

When my Cell Phone business manager called to get me to upgrade.  I mentioned the non-ringing.  

He checked, and determined the problem was with our local Cell Phone Tower.  10 days later, it might be fixed?

My Question is: 

How much work did I miss?  Over how long a time?  How many customers didn’t leave a message and called the guy who answered his phone?

My bill has been paid monthly, only the phone didn’t work.  Will I see any compensation?

I plan to back track my calendar,  and find out when this went south.

Do you think my Cell Phone company will make this right?

Please leave a comment. 

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