A Simple Disappointment: theunfetteredpreacher 

When I was brand new in the Lord, someone gave me a Charles Capps pamphlet “In Him”.  I remember it being all the scriptures that told who we were In Him.  I used that booklet to memorize those scriptures, it really helped me to grow in the Lord.

And few years ago I realized I no longer remembered all those verses, and picked up a new, “In Him”, pamphlet . 

I didn’t recognize the verses, realized it was now in NIV, and just left it alone.  I am not a KJV, only guy, but that is the version I think, pray and sing scriptures from.

If I have a problem understanding a verse I will usually check out the Amplified or Expanded Versions, for clarification .   Rarely NIV, RSV, PHILLIPS or any of the others.

That’s okay, times change I left it there.  (Never have rememorized those scriptures ) .  My loss.

A few months ago, a number of our church members were sick.  I went looking for a Charles Capps booklet, “God’s Creative Power for Healing”.

I brought them to the sick folks asked them to pray the scriptures and trusted in the Lord. 

 They are all still elderly, 60 to 80 years old but so am I .   What can you do?

In examination of this booklet ,  I was saddened to find, prayers with addresses of scriptures and not the scriptures themselves . 

To my mind, this change reduced the value of this product by about 95%.  We are no longer teaching scriptures or even scriptural prayers.  Just prayers…  not even remotely connected to the scriptures listed.

A Simple Disappointment.  A once excellent tool, made useless by progress.

I will be checking back to see if maybe  the originals are still available . 

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