Reblog from “My Blog”..  who is he?  not a clue. GOOD WORD

​This is a reblog I found on FB.  He calls his blog, “My Blog”.  I know not who he is, but I wish I thought and wrote as clear and concisely as he.

I believe we must move in this direction if we want a relevant, caring, growing body.


The church MUST change and change now!

The church has chosen to follow the world. The Anabaptist did it in the 1700’s when they copied and adopted as their form of church government the prototype government set up by the 13 Colonies.

Today we have chosen to copy the world again. How?

“Worship” has turned into entertainment as we have copied Madonna.

We now have targeted audiences like major incorporations. This is not biblical and guarantees that we will exclude more than include

We are stuck in our dead traditions. I see the church of the future meeting on many days of the week other than Sunday.

I see the church of the future getting rid of buildings and things that puts huge financial stress on the clergy and members and thus creates mandated giving. Mandated giving brings people under the law and drives people from church.

The church must get out of being an incorporation and begin to be a living organism. Many type A personalities get a bigger kick out of organization than God moving by His Spirit.

If being tax exempt is keeping us from being the church we are going to have to leave that and pay our taxes

We are going to have to quite being so falsely sanctimonious. Trump cussed and said vulgar things. O my, O my whatever will we do? Truth is many church goers cuss most every day, in their minds if not out loud.

We are going to have to take the law off of people and teach people real NT Christianity of living in the Spirit.

Being forced to pray at 6:00 am or fast the month of January has to stop. Its law if God has not told you to do it

Quite judging people who cannot handle the religious burdens we lay on their shoulders. Quit saying they are uncommitted, lazy, or not devoted to Jesus. We have put burdens on people that Jesus died to take off of people.

We must get back to church being about Jesus. Not ministry. Not growth. Not crowd size. If our churches are not about Jesus, why are we even a church?

Church must be about Jesus. Not prayer. Not faith. Not community. Not doing good. Not the poor. Not children’s church. Not youth ministry. All of these have become false gods within the church.

We have one of the most biblically illiterate generations of believers in modern history.

We must get away from the Joel Osteen message. Many of u that love Joel’s ministry, if truth be known, you know it is shallow. You are trying desperately to get the same results in numbers that he has. You are not going to get it.

The world has desperately tried to turn the body of Jesus Christ into a mere humanitarian organization. Many have fallen for this trap. We are not a humanitarian organization. We are the Kingdom of God and we are not here to just pass out bread. We are here to make the kingdoms of this world, the Kingdom of our Lord and His Christ.

Discipleship must return with believers being taught the tenets of the faith instead of being entertained on Sunday mornings. Feeling good has taken the place of knowing what you believe and why.

Life must replace ministry! Jesus came to give life and life more abundantly. He did not come to give ministry and ministry more abundantly.

Life, love, joy, peace, caring, helping, sharing, must replace the Christian religion.

Confronting evil must be a part of our future. We just saw what almost happened by keeping silent. When you have a huge incorporation that demands thousand or millions of dollars to maintain it cramps your preaching of truth.

Movement of the past are over! Quit imitating what is dead! Biblical faith is real and always will be but the Faith Movement is a carcass.

The prophetic has been the pathetic. Holding prophets and prophetess accountable for their “words” must become normal.

The “generational’ theology error must stop! All people are just alike no matter the age, gender, race, socioeconomic standing, education, etc. We have the same sins, sicknesses, dreams, failures, worries, fears, wants, and desires.

The church is the master segregationist institution on the earth. Shameful. We need each other and can learn and benefit from each other.

Segregation is how the church approaches people – children segregated from parents. Teens segregated from old people. Marrieds segregated from singles. Bass fishermen segregated from bowlers. Women segregated from men. Men segregated from women. Rich segregated from the poor. White collars segregated from blue collar. Employer segregated from employees.

Yes we approach ministry with a segregation spirit. This must stop. 

Truth be told it is an indictment that we can’t or haven’t taught all Christians how to love one another and get along with one another. We haven’t taught that we are all equal.

My pastor in Bible College, a great apostle and man of God, said to me in the 1970’s, “Bob, you are twenty years ahead of your time.”

We can’t wait 20 years to enact the above changes

A new Hillary Clinton is waiting in the wings for 2020, 2024, etc. What the church does now will cause her to be defeated or win.

5 thoughts on “Reblog from “My Blog”..  who is he?  not a clue. GOOD WORD

  1. I’ve often wondered why pastors would desire a megachurch over planting churches in every neighborhood…and I never did like the segregation of the older from the younger, usually because of worship music preferences.

    Great post for us all to heed.

    God bless you, amen!~


  2. Very much truth. A few years ago I visited several different churches on Sunday morning. I called it my “Jesus Quest” All big churches all Pentecostal churches (several different denominations). I found very little of “Jesus.” Most praised the Awesome Creator, which he certainly deserves, but He has become so generic, people from most any group could do that. Jesus is what makes the difference.


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