Tears of Grief or Relief?  theunfetteredpreacher 

Many tears have been shed this AM.  For me, they were of relief.  Others grief .  These tears should be a point of contact.  We are a people of diverse, views, desires and integrity.

Mr Trump was not my first choice, and I have some desires I would like to share.

~   Our police will once again be respected, criminals, punished.

~   Our  retired and active military will be honoured and given the tools and health care they deserve.

~   Race relations can return to the harmony we knew and walked in before our divider in chief was elected.

~   Health care would once again be affordable, taxes reasonable, debt acceptable.

~   A wall on our Southern border.  I do not care who pays for it…  Just build it.

~   Energy independence, infrastucture repaired.

~   Babies would once again be safe in the womb.

That is my wish list.  How about you?


6 thoughts on “Tears of Grief or Relief?  theunfetteredpreacher 

  1. Amen! I agree with your list! I believe God showed HIS POWER to the whole world last night as many thought that Mrs. Clinton had it. There were many many many prayers being said yesterday. AS far as a wall goes I believe we have the military might to be used to enforce the borders. Instead of sending our National Guards to other countries they need to be allowed to be paid to do their jobs at home. I am all about letting people in…LEGALLY. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and prayers!


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