The Battle is Over:  theunfetteredpreacher 

Some have noticed and been vocal of my continued posts on the need of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit . 

I believe that burden, has been lifted.  

I was sure the Lord sent me to this little UMC, to play the piano, and to explain the need for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, to the Pastor and eventually to the flock.

He said he believed; ” I f the Lord wanted him to walk in the Gifts  of the Spirit, he would have them already . 

After all, without the Spirit, he never would have been saved.”

I am disappointed that he never studied the scriptures  I laid out before him.  He never gave me scripture in rebuttal.

Just refused the Gifts of God.

I continue to pray the Lord bless and keep him. That the eyes of his understanding be opened and he would receive the Holy Spirit, and walk in the love and power of God.

Father, I am sorry, I couldn’t convey Your truth to my brother.  please send a more effective messenger of Your Love.   Amen

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