Is Exceptionalism for Christians?  theunfetteredpreacher

Christian Exceptionalism.  What is that?   

We have all heard our President say, Americans are no more exceptional than the Germans, French, or anyone else, that there never was anything, called Amercan Exceptionalism.

He claims, everyone, every country, thinks they are exceptional.  He is mistaken.

This country was  exceptional, for 200 of our 240 year existence.

Science, math, the military, the space program, in education, in manufacturing, in every area of life, we were on top.

What happened?

We allowed God to be moved from center stage in our lives, schools, government, and entertainment, 

Instead of the majority of movies, music, TV and even church, being family friendly, we began incouraging specialized entertainment.  

Childrens, young adults, teens, young married, married, retired…  

We all watch seperate shows, listen to seperate music, even have seperate church services….

Next thing you know,   there is no unity of thought, action or expectations.

We started a backward slide.  We are no longer number 1… 

What is worse,    WE DON’T CARE.

It would be good, to make America great again.

This is not about politics…  I want to talk about CHRISTIAN EXCEPTIONALISM.

The first century Christians were exceptional, why?

Some say it was because they actually knew Jesus, or someone who had seen, heard, or touched the Lord.

They love the Apostle Paul, they accept, that he healed the sick, raised the dead, had signs and wonders following.

They forget he never knew the man Jesus before, He was resurrected.  

He met, knew, relied on, trusted in, and obeyed the same Lord as we do.

How was it that  Paul, who had never seen, heard or touched the man Jesus, was able to do, that which Jesus promised?

He was zealous in serving God.  First as a Jew, persecuting Christians, then more so, after he met the King.

Are we zealous?  I won’t speak for you, but for me, not nearly as zealous as I should be.

Oh, I pray… but not always effectual, fervent prayers, sometimes, weak, self serving, powerless, pointless, profitless prayers.

Oh, I study… but only to find a way to get the Lord to agree with me.  After all, if He would do things my way…  (His work would be done.   lol, what a fool I am).

Oh, I evangelize…  but not always where or to who He directs.

We seperate our children from adult church, after all we don’t want to bore them.

Isn’t it funny, whole families came to hear Jesus, stayed to listen for three days, had no food, but were not bored.

They were fed by the power and word of God.  We need to learn how to preach and teach Gods word in His power, not our own.


We need to believe He is, and that He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him.  We need to become zealous in our faith.

To Know the Word, Live the Word, Pray the Word. 

 Expect signs and wonders.  He promised they would follow those who believe.

Do we believe?  The Lord could make, even this boat float.  How much more could he do with us?

Fear not, ONLY BELIEVE…   Amen

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