Tales from my Father 7:  theunfetteredpreacher

Photos compliments of Janice Packard Roy and, “You know your from Ashburnham if…”

My Dads state of the art advertising…  Thanks Janice.  

I thought and he probably thought also, his name and business would live long after he was gone.

It hasn’t,  I visit the web site, and realize, his years of hard work, and not his alone, are gone, there are only a few, if any, that have a lasting legacy.

Well, a few memories:

The brim of Dads baseball cap, would move around to the side, when he got frustrated, during the day.   Watch out, he was about to explode.

He would give directions, by telling you to take a left at St. Denise, or at the Methodist, or Community Church… those were his land marks.

My brother-in-law Ken, would tell him to use bars if he wanted him to find the mark.

He was an acomplished carpenter, his Dad a cabinet maker.  He did his own electric wiring, loved his printing press and could not sit still.

He was quite the handyman…  he could fix most anything.

After his heart attack, and move to Fla. he only wanted to use his printing press and play golf as he was able.

Do not ask him car questions, or how to fix something, he seemed to lose any desire to even think about that stuff.

It is sad to think that I am what is left.  No talent for repairing much besides pianos.  

No interest in cars, wood working, electrical, any of the things he was good at.

Truly a black sheep, music, the sharing of the Gospel, reading, movies…  those are my interests.

Am I my Fathers son, is my daughter.my legacy?

We are like a wind that passes away, and never comes back again.  

May the sign of my passing be changed lives for the Lord.   Amen

8 thoughts on “Tales from my Father 7:  theunfetteredpreacher

  1. God makes us who we are on purpose. Your heart for Christ is beautiful. I, for one, am glad you have the callings you do…I enjoy your blog and the photos you take are outstanding! Thanks for sharing your memories, makes me think of some of my own!


  2. I LOVED THAT STORY….I did not love what you said about being all that was left, though because i remember where you where when you lived up here when we use to hang around together with the group of others and i see how far you have come now, and how much knowledge, and wisdom you have and are now able to pass on to all of us., so that we too can learn about religion and whats right, and wrong and also to judge for ourselves threw your teachings, that you are able to share with us. Please do not ever forget what an important person you are and have become and how proud your dad would be of you.

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