HB2-again: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

I wish this was not an ongoing topic.  I cannot just ignore it, no matter how much I would like to.

The news you hear is inaccurate. 

The law we have right now under HB2, is the same law we had before the fools in Charlotte decided to change it.

Yes, boys go to boys showers and bath rooms, girls the same.  Period.  It is how it has been forever.

This is to protect our women and kids, not neccesarily from TG people.  (They are just confused, and as such, not a threat).  Even harmless.

No, the problem, we are concerned about are the perverts, who may claim to be TG.

Taking pictures of our straight woman and children who then are victoms, with no recourse.  If they complain, they are the onces in the wrong and can be charged.

It really is that simple. 

Stop the lying. 

I do not care to deal with your lack of self respect, or the lack of understanding who you are, and the wonderful life you could have in Christ.

You could be at peace, with God and man.  I pray that you look up, repent and trust Him, before it is too late.

Do not expect everyone to rejoice in whatever perveted life you enjoy.  We all battle our own sins and need not see yours.

Please, trust in the Lord, He came not to condemn you, but that you might be saved.

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