The Piano-The Church: The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station

The Piano:

A beautiful thing, invented over 300 years ago.   The inventer could work on them today.

I never counted but am sure there are over 1,000 moving parts, all working in harmony, closely side by side, a hairs breath from each other.



I have worked on some that were over 100 years old.  Still wonderful, delightful, musical pieces of art.

I have also worked on some 50 years old that were worn-out.


A piano gets worn-out, because of neglect. 

It may be dusted, polished and played regularly, and still be worn-out.

All those moving parts, need to be adjusted, to prevent repeating or blocking hammers, to keep the action moving freely, accurately, correctly.

It needs regular tuning to assure a clear beautiful sound.


I believe a piano is most beautiful when used to Praise the Lord. 

The Church:

A beautiful thing.  The Church is a lot like a piano.  2,000 years old and the founders could still Praise the Lord in those Churches that haven’t been worn-out.

Worn-out?  What am I talking about?  How can a Church be worn-out?

We dust, polish and play Church regularly, without adjusting for worn-out Rituals, Traditions and music. 

It is more important to follow the order of service:

Then to realize and welcome the presence of God.

Then to be open and ready to be touched by the Holy Spirit.

Then to find comfort, peace and healing in our times of need.

There is no room the the Lord.

We have missed the purpose of the fellowship of believers.

When we gather, God should be in our midst. 

He inhabits the praise of His people.  We must give Him space and permission to attend and participate in our service.

Our God is an Awesome God.  He desires to touch and fill our hearts daily. 

When we neglect to open our hearts to Him, we really are missing the mark.  Our music is out of tune, our actions are inhibiting the blessings of the Lord.

We have missed that which we were created for.  We are of no more use, then the worn-out piano that has become a planter.


Take a closer look.



There is no music there.  Exposure to the elements quickly caused it to loose its beauty.

The Chuch has lost its beauty also.  We must get back to allowing the Lord to supply new manna daily. 

Get out of that rut….that grave with no end and let God give life to your Worship.

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon.
Know you are loved.

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