Christian,  who can you trust?


A nameless Man of God, (MOG), Only mentioned in one chapter of the Bible is our subject today.   He appeared in 1 Kings 13.


God sent him from the tribe of Judah to speak with the King of Israel,  Jeroboam: whose name means “he that opposes the people. ” or one who leads his people to sin.


Jeroboam instead of having his people go to Gods altar to make sacrifices,  had built two alters one on each end of his territory,  to make it easy on his people to Worship.


He had recruited many priest’s to lead them….the problems with this:  They were Not Godly Priests, they offered sacrifices to Golden Calves…you remember how that went.



Side trip: Look at some of the Christian Churches of today….gay marrage…Bible not believed. ..we know better than Word of God….stories…big fish, miracles. ..we are beyond those superstitions. It should be easier to Worship God. ..God is love…we are all saved.



MOG tells Jeroboam this altar will be destroyed,  bones of ungodly priest’s will burn on it.


Jeroboam commanded seize that man.  God froze his arm so he could not move it.  He prayed the MOG would ask God to heal him and stay and eat and drink with him.


MOG said: If you gave me 1/2 your kingdom,  I could not stay, eat or

drink with you.  God has commanded me, not to partake of food or

drink.   MOG did pray for and Jeroboam received healing.


So MOG leaves.


Here is where his problems begin.   In the form of an Old Prophet

of. God.


Side trip:  We all know the old, respected Christian. ..who knows

everyone and everyone’s business.   Wisdom pours off them like water.

We and they believe they have all the answers.   Watch Out.


The Old Prophets sons tell him about what the MOG did and said.  The

Old Prophet goes off to find MOG.  MOG tells Old Prophet he must

leave.  Old Prophet tells him angel of God said to feed him.


Old Prophet was lying. …at dinner Old Prophet gets word from God for



“Why do you sin against the Word of God. will not lie with

ancestors. …A lion kills him on his way.


Old Prophet has him buried. .requests his bones be put with MOG, when

he dies.


MOG disobeyed God by listening to Old Prophet instead of original



Our lesson:  Know the Word of God (the Bible)

When you get a Word from God.

(make sure it agrees with Bible)

Make sure you are obedient to God

(thank the OP.for their prayers and concerns).

Do the Word of God

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