Why Abram?

  • Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee:

  •  This is our introduction to Abram,  it is the same invitation we received to know the Lord.

  • The Lord had said;
  • How many times has the Lord called out to us before we finally get our act together?
  • Get out of there:
  • We must repent, turn away from our old ways and embrace the Way of the Lord.
  • To a land I will show you;
  • The Lord has made a plan and place just for us, if we will allow Him to bring us there.

I believe that the Lord introduced us to Enoch,  Noah and Abram so we could see the potential for our own lives.   These men were incredibly special,   distinct from the rest of the world in their life times.   Not because the Lord called out to them.


They were special and different and distinct from the rest of the world because they were obedient to what the Lord was speaking to them.


They were not any different then we are.   They just purposed in their hearts to seek the Lord,  to walk in His ways.  To live their lives to honor and obey the Lord.     Abram believed in the Lord and the Lord counted it for righteousness.


Enoch, Noah and Abram all believed and acted on their beliefs,  that is why the Lord used them.  The Lord will also use us as we accept the measure of faith available to us.



Why unfettered?

Growing up in the Catholic Church I knew that Jesus Christ died on the cross and  rose from the dead to save my soul.  I also knew the Bible stories that every Christian teaches their children.   What I did not realize was that Jesus is alive and well and available to all,  for the asking.


When I finally asked Him into my life and entered Bible School I started to mark my Bible,  what scriptures was I taught today?  Did it line up with yesterday’s teaching?   What verses did they skip?  Why? How does it line up with what I  thought was true?   What to believe?


God truly blessed me by bringing me to Christian Retreat in Florida to learn of Him.  We had multiple teachers and teachings.   I lived and worked there for three years and left with a good understanding of how to study the Bible.


All of that said,  It wasn’t until recently, while seeking more of Jesus that He opened His Word anew to me.   The eyes of my understanding suddenly saw what the Word had always said, not what I had taken for granted. I had always thought of the Lord God as one member of the Trinity.   He was the Father God of the New Testament in the Old Testament.


We had the Lord God and the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and Jesus made His appearance in the New.   I knew Jesus was there (in the Old Testament),  somewhere but silent, invisible waiting for His cue to appear.


Then I remembered that the Lord noticed that Moses turned aside to see and God said.  That Noah found grace in the Lords eyes and Noah walked with God. The Lord said “Have you considered my servant Job, he hates evil and fears God. ” There are so many examples if we will just open our eyes to see.


If we look at the Spirit of the Lord and compare to the Spirit of God the Nature s of the Father and Son stand in stark contrast.   I needed to further study the Old Testament to understand what the Lord is showing me.   This blog is my attempt to teach what I am learning to whosoever will, to help in their walk with God.  Is anyone interested?