Neglected Caroline 11/9/18

Why Neglected Caroline, or Filling Station/Fix-it Shop

When we moved to North Carolina, (USA), in 1985, I was amazed at all the buildings that were sitting empty and falling apart. I thought I should do a coffee table book, and have a huge NC on the cover but instead of North Carolina, it would stand for Neglected Caroline.

I bought a Tab 3 last year. Suddenly I had a camera with me and started shooting. I also was able to start writing. (Spell check ). So a blog was born.

Why Neglected Caroline and The Fix-it Shop-Filling Station?

The pictures of Neglected things to me, are a story of the Church, we’ve neglected the Spiritual for the rituals and traditions, we have the form of Godliness but denying the power. (Empty framework )


Fix-it Shop-Filling Station?
For years the. Church has been thought of as a hospital, a place for the sick and hurting to come to recuperate.

Jesus was more of a Fix-it Shop-Filling Station guy. You came to Him, He filled you with the Spirit and healed you, then sent you out to tell all you know.
My Dad owned a Fix-it Shop-Filling Station, he started out fixing lawn mowers, washing machines, toasters, it wasn’t long before cars became his main business. You would come in for full service gas, (windows washed, air in tires checked, oil, water checked and filled).

If your car died, he’d pick it up with his home made tow truck, fix your problem and send you on your way. Not many cars spent more than a day there. Like Jesus, fix, fill and sent out.

I worked for him in till I turned 16, I was pretty useless. Dad could fix anything mechanical, Jesus fixes us.


I hope this blog will do the same, you will find Salvation and Healing by the Word of God, then go tell what you know, filled with the Holy Spirit and power.

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