What draws you? theunfetteredpreacher

How is it that Billy Graham, could preach the same message for over 50 years, and still draw a stadium full of listeners?

Why do people flock to certain Pastors, Teachers, Speakers, and not others?

Good Grammar? Music, Excitement, Entertainment?

Why don’t they flock to hear me, or any of the Pastors, Teachers, or Speakers, in the thousands of little Churhes,in our towns?

One reason: The Anointing of God.

Somewhere, Somehow, the Anointed of God, found the key to God’s favor and grace.

The Lord does not love them more than the rest of us, but they found the place, leaning on the breast of the Lord.

They have learned to come boldly to the Throne Room of Grace, and have received the Mercy and Grace they needed.

It shows in the Power, that accompanies their message of the Gospel. Results….

There is plenty of room for us all. If? If we will seek the Heart of God.

‘You can have the relationship you want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.’

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4 thoughts on “What draws you? theunfetteredpreacher

  1. And perhaps the willingness to spend their entire life for his message and his work. Like tithing- the more you do or give, the more comes back to you. That is my explanation.


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