Running away: theunfetteredpreacher

My wife and I have had three dogs, during our 34 years of marriage. All of them have been runners. Why?

They are fed daily, loved on, (petted, spoken to, praised), Multiple times a day.

Yet, leave an opening, and they are gone.

Now, Fritz, our current dog, has always jumped in the car, when we chased him down, Not this last time…

He kept going, ignored us, and explored more of the neighborhood.

I finally found him, (behind a neighbors house), picked him up, (only 20 pounds), and started back to the car. I fell. I did not lose the dog though.

I hung on for dear life. The problem, it turns out, was I could not stand up, without letting Fritz go.

I laid there, hoping my wife or someone would come by. I attempted to stand several times. No Joy.

Finally, a man came out of his home, I asked for help. He kept Fritz where he was, while I found my feet, he opened the door of my car, I brought the dog home.

Bette, brought the dog in, (I was useless). She told me to clean the blood off. What blood?

Blood from cuts on my face, from my fall.

I will never understand why, a dog we love and only want the best for, runs.

I also will never understand, those who know the Lord’s love, and understand, He wants the best for us, why, we continue to run from, instead of to Him.

Why, do we think Freedom from God, is better than Freedom In God.

We lack understanding, of the Spiritual. We cling to the Natural.

Lord, draw me close to You. Amen

5 thoughts on “Running away: theunfetteredpreacher

  1. Jesus also was wounded bruised and bled for US. I’m sorry for your fall but thank you for such a tangible reminder that I’m so happy He still goes after the one that leaves the 90 and 9.


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