The Cry of my Heart: theunfetteredpreacher

For years, I led Praise and Worship, Taught and Preached in Full Gospel settings. My concern was to bring people who knew the Lord, to a deeper Walk with the Lord, and to see the lost, come to the knowledge of Christ’s Salvation.

Dissapointment and Dispair, turned me away from giving a thought of the people and God. I knew Him, loved Him, and acknowledged Him, even as I ignored His desires for me.

I refused many offers to play piano in Denominational Churches, until, I was asked to substitute in a little UMC.

The first time I sat at their piano, I sensed the Presence of God, the Anointing, that had been missing in my life, for years.

Something wasn’t right though. In the past, I would sing a simple Scripture song, and before I had repeated it twice, the congregation was Praising with me. Not so here.

It was so drastic a change, I asked if it was a born again Church. Assured that it was I kept plugging along. They heard the same Scriptures, over and over.

Ho Hum…. So what, who cares…. Nothing… They had never heard of the Full Gospel, they had it all.

They would sing of Beaula Land, or the Old Country Church.

I decided to teach Old Testament, to keep out of trouble with the Holy Spirit.

People, who have known the Lord for 50 plus years, had no clue of it’s contents. We worked our way through the first five books, verse by verse, bringing Jesus and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in, where appropriate. (3 or 4 years of Wednesday Bible Studies).

I heard often, ‘I never knew that.’ So I finally began teaching the New Testament. Soon it became apparent they did not know the New Testament any better than the Old.

Year after year, they had heard variations of the messages of Christs birth, His Suffering and Death, and little from the Book of Acts and beyond. (Lectionary teachings).

Never a word beyond this. No wonder they were dead.

Do not get me wrong, they were Saved and loved the Lord, but had not been taught beyond that. They couldn’t even use a Concordance.

I asked the Pastor, why in the 7 plus years I had been there, I never heard the Adult versions of the Miracles, of either Testament?

Even fewer people go to Sunday School or Bible Studies tha Sunday morning Service.

The answer: ‘We Teach that in Sunday School or Bible Study, and the next Sunday morning, he told of the one, (maybe), Miracle he had witnessed.


No one cares. Sad.

Thanks for visiting, come back soon.
Know, you are loved.
bill Theunfetteredpreacher cote

‘You can have the relationship you want with God. My desire is a more intimate one.’

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