It hath pleased the Lord: 1 theunfetteredpreacher

Have you ever considered what pleases God? Most of my life, I only cared about making myself happy.

My prayers, actions and plans, were about me. (Sometimes, Bette, my wife or Celeste, our daughter). Not often,… mostly me.

I considered, how will that affect me? What should I do? Come on, I need you to do this.

Wow, it hurts to read the truth. But, we all are a little self absorbed. It might be golf, tennis, watching sports, some even play sports.

I love to play piano and sing, study the Word, Preach and Teach. I also love to create my own little worlds.

As a kid, my cousin Jim, (He’s no longer Jimmy, as I am no longer Billy). Played army, or Man from Uncle, more than catch, or other games. We were in our own world.

My Dad, made me an HO, Model Train layout. Nothing fancy, but it was fun.

When my folks moved to Florida, they sold all my old stuff. I had not taken it with me when I left home, years before, so I guess it was fair game.

I considered it lost.

Got married, moved to NC, lived in a 12×54 foot trailer, with a 5’3″ baby grand taking up a lot of living room space.

Year’s passed, when I discovered N Scale Model Trains. I wanted one. Where would I put it? Bette said, “Why not on the piano?”

Wonderful idea, I went a step further,… I put the layout, in the piano. (On top of the harp).

Why did I do this? I took great pleasure, creating my own little kingdom, something I could control.

For the same reason, God created the Universe, the planet’s, trees, seas, fish and Us.

For His pleasure.

Then He gave us Freewill. What was He thinking. lol… He had a plan.

He wants us to please Him. Our choice, will you, please Him?

Revelation 4: 11.

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

I wonder? Stay tuned.

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