I have my moments….. a very few….moments: theunfetteredpreacher

We all have memories, just moments in our lives, that revealed who we really are.

A few moments, of doing the right thing, at the right time, and making a difference.

That leave Joy in our Hearts.

You would think, after meeting and accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour, those moments would grow and dominate our lives.

Instead I find more moments, that have shown me a darker, meaner, weaker, man. These leave me, miserable, vulnerable, hopeless.

My Natural man, is stronger than my Spiritual man.

I can do all things, through Chirst, who strengthens me.”

This is a Biblical Truth. Another Biblical True is:

Sin lieth at the door.

Sin always lies at the door.

This morning for instance. I had the excitement of writing this post. Lately, I’ve been an empty vessel. Nothing to share.

Today, clarity of thought, inspiration struck. I started to write.

So, Fritz, our dog:

Would not stop barking and crying. I checked outside several times, could see no reason for this foolishness.

Tried to get back to work….

No Joy, just noise. My sweet wife Bette said, “Our neighbors dog Angel was loose. You need to go catch her.”

(My wife, Bette and Daughter Celeste. Sorry, never took a picture of Angel).

Angel is a beautiful white Husky, a young dog who has gone blind. I had to get her home.

Out I went, I saw her immediately, called her she came close. Opened our neighbors back gate, invited her in…. she’s, gone, gone gone, ohoooo.

I started to search. No Joy. Finally went home. Bette had reached our neighbor, who claimed,

“Angel was in the house, please go Check.”

I retrieved their secret extra key, and entered the home. Went to the back room, opened the door….. and, Angel was right where she belonged.

I had been following her doppelganger.

I returned home… The message was gone. Stolen, Lost Forever…. lol

The Devil comes to kill, steal and destroy. He walks about like a roaring lion seeing who he can devour.

We do not always recognize that which distracts us from seeking Jesus, as sin, or the work of the Devil.

But, it is.

Proverbs 7:15

Therefore came I forth to meet thee, diligently to seek thy face, and I have found thee.

Oh, if, only this were me, Diligently Seeking the Face, the Will, and the Ways of God. Desiring only, to Love and Serve Him.

(Gosh, I would be someone, then. lol).

“Diligently I seek thy face.”

Sadly, it is not I, in this Proverb, this quote is from the harlot, seeking to call man to sin.

He falls. Sin, The Devil, lieth at the door.


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