Goodbye Old Friend: theunfetteredpreacher/cote’s piano

A few years ago, in the course of my Piano Tuning business, I acquired this Piano.

It really had been abused, (not tuned or adjusted for years), it was not repairable.

At first I was going to put my ‘n’ scale Train set inside.

My health started to fail, and I had no energy to build the lay out.

I then decided it would make a nice planter.

It was fun, but expensive to keep in flowers. It was interesting to watch it dissintegrate before our eyes.

I added the old boat motor, for laughs. I was the only one who thought I was funny. (As usual).

Finally it just wasn’t fun anymore.

I had put it there with the occasional help of a friend. Moving it after several years, we needed 2 women and a man.

That is as far as it has gone. The dolly will not roll in the soft grass. Instead of weighing 100 lbs dry, it must weigh 300 lbs wet.

Help is on the way, and it will make it to the dump.

Goodbye Old Friend…. you were fun for awhile.

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