What shall I do? theunfetteredpreacher

Exodus 17:4
“And Moses cried unto the Lord, saying, What shall I do unto this people? they be almost ready to stone me.”

I cried unto the Lord.  “What must I do, these people reject Your Truths.   They are almost ready to stone me.”

Yes, it is true. 

If You called me to lead?  I am a lost. If You called me to teach?  I am failing.   If You called me to serve?  I have missed the mark, of Your high calling.

If You called me to see?  I am blind.  To hear?  I am deaf.    If You called me to care?  I am torn asunder.

Since You brought me to this UMC, my focus, my zeal, my calling has evolved.   I used to invite the lost to come to the Spirit Filled Fellowships, I attended.

I find myself discouraging people from coming to this Church.  Why?

I believe they are Saved and love the Lord.  That should be enough.  I wish it was. 

They lack the Love, Joy and Peace, that is evident in the Spirit Filled, Saints.  They know not what is missing.  Because it is Spiritually discerned.

It could be me, my fault.  I am a bull, in a china shop. 
I push.  I prod.  I  beseech.   To to touch hearts, to open minds, to  change lives, is not in me.  I  need You.

If Your Holy Spirit is teaching me?   I am failing the course.   

Lord please, “What shall I do?”  I believe I am here in obedience.  To learn, to grow to become, …

What?  A joke?  

The people are satisfied, happy, content where they are.  They have zero desire to change.

Show me Thy Way, Oh Lord.  I must have Your anointing in my life.  To allow You to make a difference.   Amen

Thanks for visiting.
bill theunfetteredpreacher cote
Know you are loved.

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