Why I Blog: theunfetteredpreacher

I thought I wanted to write a book. (About Jesus in the Old Testament). The woman I hired to proof read and edit, told me I should start a blog.

She thought the blog would help me correct my spelling and grammar. (If only it had. lol).

A blog? I had never read one, visited one or thought of bloggers at all.

Then I checked into it. Some wrote well, others, badly, but people read them, their voices were heard, Some had 12 followers, others had thousands.

Being the mighty man of Faith, I am, I decided if theunfetteredpreacher, was available, as a site, it would be a sign from God, to go for it.

I had bought a Tablet, so I could take pictures and write from my favorite chair, so I jumped in.

I desired to write, Biblical Teachings, that were not influenced by Denominational Rituals, Ceremonies or Doctrine.

I did not care what others taught, I longed to teach the Bible.

I believed then as I do now, the Church is Powerless, ineffective, and a hindrance to the building of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Why? We follow, Luther, Calvin or Wesley, when we should be following Christ.

People are encouraged to join a Church, a Denomination, a Fellowship, believe like us. We have the Truth…

No one has cornered the Truth, we all have a piece, a snippet, a revelation, that needs to be shared.

When we only deal with Our Denominations teaching, we miss out on so much truth.

Our God is bigger then what our Denominations teach.

We need to know what the Word says, not what anyone teaches.

The Word has to be the final authority.

Sadly, most of us do not search for ourselves, the truth of God’s Word. We rely on our Pastors Interpretation.

Very often, His Interpretation, came from another man. So you are learning something third hand, when we are responsible to know ourselves.

Let what you learn from others, spark your interest, to search the Scriptures to see if it be true.

Only then, do you become a follower of Christ, instead of following man.

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