The Certainties of Cerimony, the Righteousness of Rituals: theunfetteredpreacher

When did the Cirtainties of Ceromony and the Righteousness of Rituals, replace the Foolishness of Preaching, in our quest to bring the lost to the Lord.

I am disappointed, disturbed, and defeated.

We have lost the ability, the desire, and the need to experience the Presence of God.

We sing many Hymns, without any attention given to the meaning.

They are just tunes we sing.

We recite many Scriptures, with no thought given to the significance of the Words.

They are just Words we recite.

We repeat, the Lord’s prayer, never learning, ‘How to Pray.’

Church, has become a meaningless exercise, a duty to preform, not a joy to experience.

We have a form of Godliness, that denies God’s, Presence, Power, and Peace.

We find comfort in the Dignity of Duty.

The Joy of the Lord is absent.

The Truth isn’t preached to set us free.

The Peace that passes understanding, can not be found.

It is all buried in Rituals and Cerimonies, our reciting, rather than living, the Word.

No thought is given, no attempt is made to call down the fire of God, to purify our lives, to become vessels of God’s love, healing powers, or saving grace.

We are not challenged to grow, to give, to become the image of the One we Love.

Then we wonder that our pews are empty.

Please, Throw Out, the Comfortable Orders of Service.

Learn to:

Sing the Word of God, to our God.

Sing until it becomes real, until you are filled with His Presence, until He surrounds and meets your every need and desire.

Cry and repent, as He brings your faults and sins to mind.

Laugh as you are touched by the Spirit of the Living God, when you realize you are forgiven and blameless in the Beloved.

Allow the foolishness of God to rule and reign in your life.

Our natural man, cannot accept this, we do not understand it, we build our services so to bypass, to negate, and ignore, the Spiritual.

We cheat not only ourselves, but those who came hoping to find the Truth of the Gospel.

The Foolishness of God is Wiser than the Wisdom of man.

Please, I beg you.

Quit going to Church.

Start to Seek His Face. To Experience His Presence. To Recognize, the Power of the Spirit in our lives.

1 Corinthians 1:21

For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.”

One thought on “The Certainties of Cerimony, the Righteousness of Rituals: theunfetteredpreacher

  1. How very true and sad this is, I really never thought about it until i read it in EVERY word that you wrote. It made me realize what a rut i got myself into and that i need to get out of and I need to think about the approach that i now have and what i want and need to do to have real expectations and not to just do things as a routine,


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